Who in your opinion is one of the greatest if not THE greatest 1a thrower of all time?

(Jacob Waugh) #21

I am going to print out this comment and frame it.


Yeah if this was approached like mainstream sports of naming greatest players going off their body of work they accomplished in their career as a competitor I could totally see an argument to name Hiroyuki Suzuki one of the greatest of all time, definitely one of the most dominant players during his time.:smile:

(Cruz Quintana ) #23

It depends. Best videos and style Charles Haycock easily. Tech probably new Yuuki spencer. Just straight insane like bangers Janos Kranscz


Well then; I have the consolation of at least being 5th best :face_with_monocle:

(Jordan Blofeld) #25

I should have mentioned Janos. His tricks are so hard he’s capable of winning any year if he goes clean. He just never goes clean lol

(Joseph) #26

In terms of speed, I would say Hiroyuki Suzuki. But for tech, it would probably be Zach Gormley, Yuuki Spencer, and Andrew Maider.

(r/Throwers Mod.) #27

Just like Keiran lol.

(Jordan Blofeld) #28


(Logan M) #29

I would have to say my favorites are

  1. Paul Dang
  2. The A-rt crew
  3. Paul Harness

Why Paul Dang is in first is just because he has inspired me since I first started 10 months ago, even though he wasn’t and isn’t making videos or doing anything currently in the yoyo community. His tricks and style made me want to do that and influenced me a lot. I think the other two probably speak for themselves. I know that’s way more than one but how can I choose just one!

(Jacob Waugh) #30

I agree, I just think PaulD’s tricks and style would be smoother if he shortened his string.


Well, I’m older than most of you and I know these guys but for me it’s Sonny, Takeshi, Neff, Bride and FeeFee, DocPop, Paul, but the guys I really look up to are Deth and the boys from team Chubby Loving I’m looking at you Abe and Tyler.
That being said there’s always a soft spot in my heart for Danny his style was always sublime.


I think you are 6th best

(Tim) #33

I guess I’ll go with John Ando or Paul Kerbel, but there are sooo many to name.