Who else uses the checklist

Who else on the forums learns tricks in order from the YYE Checklist? I didn’t start to until I was midway through the Intermediate section and then found it was easier to do it that way.

Right now, I am missing Snap Wind, Throwhand Grind, Thumb Grind (I can sort of do this one), Over-Under Boing-E, Magic Drop, and Shockwave from the Advanced Part 2 section until I am done.

Does anyone else use it? and What tricks do you have left?

I utilized the checklist as an aid to learn what felt good and what I personally liked to do at first. I went through and tried to learn every trick on the list but I quickly realized that certain ones felt good to do and certain ones didn’t. I don’t plan on participating in contests so this list isn’t really something that I would “need” to know.

To answer your question, The tricks that I didn’t spend time mastering, therefore I wouldn’t consider “learned” tricks:

Atomic Bomb
Zipper (currently learning)
McBride Roller Coaster
Leg Wrap Trap
Throwhand Grind
Thumb Grind
Dr. Strange
Iron Whip
Over Under Boing (this is one that I’m actually working on)

Most of these tricks I took some time to learn them but I just don’t really like to do them so I consider them unlearned. For the most part I have it all down though lol. I just don’t really like throwing grinds, slacks, lacerations and things of that nature so I simply don’t do them.

I did use it… I’ve learned all of the tricks on the paper trick list though… There are a few that are inconsistent are sloppy like iron whip and leg wrap trap but I can at least do them… There’s a couple from the online trick list that I can’t do though

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I learned all of the YYE stuff before I had even heard of it… So no. However, learning by a checklist isn’t bad IMO. I went through to see how many I knew, and I knew almost every name of the tricks. The ones I didn’t recognize were basic things I had different Names for.