Who can fix an iPod Touch that needs a new screen?

I have (what I think is) a 2nd gen iPod Touch, it came w/ a broken screen. I was told by the seller it was a 3rd gen so I went and bought a 3rd gen screen. I attempted to replace it and I cannot for the life of me get one of the wires to align properly so I don’t know if it is, in fact, a different generation or I’m just a moron…

I already screwed up the plastic part that sits around the screen but I figure that can be replaced. The Apple retailer near me won’t touch it b/c I already did so I’m hoping someone on here can help me out. If it needs a new screen then I will buy it and have it sent to you and I’ll pay you (or trade a yoyo) for your time and labor.

Let me know if anyone is up to the challenge.

I would also sell the phone w/ the new 3rd gen screen if anyone was interested in that also.


Dude…I’m no expert but I think the screen is the same…? apple has something on the back that tells you what gen it is…where did you get the screen…?send me a pm I can show some pic’s to a friend…

I think the plug- in is different? I looked at some instructions online but it was confusing for me.

send me some pic’s and I’ll foward them to my “Russian” friend… he’ll tell me if it’s trashed…how much you should pay to get it fix…etc… may take a few days to hear back from him…put the old screen back on and ebay it…

I think the first step is properly identifying which generation the iPod touch is.

BTW, One of my friends has sucessfully replaced an iPod screen (not iPod touch), and I would love to repeat the feat, but I’m worried about screwing up your iPod touch. :’(

Well, it’s not doing me any good in it’s current state… It still works but you just can’t use the touch screen function b/c I can’t hook it up.

Let me know.