Who are some cool counterweight creators?

I’ve been wanting to pick up a counterweight recently to try out and am wondering if any independent artists make and sell them? I’m definitely going to get a beater counterweight as well for learning and practicing with, but think it would be cool to also have one that’s not your typical dice/cube or D20 shape.

Also, secondary question:
What’s your favorite counterweight?

@DedHed makes superb counterweights, he has a post right now with a very cool looking model for sale.

Chunkeez makes excellent counterweights as well, but their site’s down for maintenance right now.

sho1_leatheryoyoshop_fe on Instagram makes some very cool leather counterweights (and leather yoyos, etc.), but they are located in Japan, IIRC. But definitely worth it.

FairyCrystalLab on Instagram also makes some very nice counterweights, the only folks I know that make soft(er) ones (that aren’t just rubber balls). Also located in Japan, also worth it.

Really, though, you can make anything into a counterweight. I know some folks have used rubber ducks as counterweights, apparently even competed with them. So anything you think is cool, a good weight and size for you, if you can figure out how to get it on the end of a string, you’re golden.


second @DedHed ! Have a few of those and they’re all great. The material is nigh indestructible and the colors POP. Definitely made a collector out of me!


@DocPop has some unique counterweights on his website.


I really like sho1_leatheryoyoshop_fe

They feel very nice and they are much quieter than plastic counterweights. Fairy Crystal Labs are the quietest but they feel kind of tacky and stick but I’ve been told that goes away if you use them long enough


Good call, I can’t believe I forgot those!

Thanks brother I really appreciate that :blush:


Wouldn’t happen to have any of those sweet succulent counterweights left would ya?

Chunkeez and porykon are my favs! Topyo star shard is great too. And another +1 for dedhed, very cool CWs.

Oh and everyone says the chainmail ones are great! I can’t remember who makes them but someone will!

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My counterweights are all on YYE too. The Bishop, the Pawn, and the Lil Beebs are all in stock DocPop – YoYoExpert


Thanks my man, your too kind :blush:

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Gold Steps - Neck Deep

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if you have a 3d printer there is a grenade counterweight on thingiverse that i use.

I designed new ones last week and here are the prints. Had some issues with the nozzle so the surface did not turn out so nice, but whatever these are just counterweights :smile: