White? Yellow? Red? What's the difference?

I’m looking to buy some replacement YYF silicone pads, but this store was all out of the white 888 size pads. They have plenty of the yellow and red, so my question is: What’s the difference? Are the yellow or red pads somehow better or is the color the only thing different? And if the yellow and red pads are better than the white, is there a difference between the yellow and the red?

As far as I know, yellow and red are the same, and they give better binds at low RPM’s than the white ones.

The yellow and red pads are grippier and offer tighter binds. They are “pro” pads (notice quotations). After they wear down they play similar to the whites, just a tad grippier. Hope I helped!

The yellows and reds are supposedly better for binds than whites, but I’ve seen that they tend to wear out a bit faster than the whites as well. Also, watch out when you use the reds and yellows, because they may bind in the middle of some tricks (suicides can be problematic) when the pads are new.