White metal yoyos?


Anglam MGSS. Doesn’t get much whiter than that.


It’s pretty easy to spray the powder unevenly enough to cause some vibe, probably more easy than with paint. It’s not second nature for powder coaters to pay that much attention to the uniformity of the coat thickness. I’m sure the yo-yo companies discuss the balance issues with them, but it would take someone with above average skill level at the process to make it work.


Ohhh yeah I forgot magnesium which tends to read “white” when untreated / unpainted. You’re right!


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Untreated magnesium looks great. But isn’t Mg significantly more expensive than Al?


True, but if that’s from Kyo, I’m pretty sure it’s got some kind of coating


Ah you are correct!


The ceramic coating is not only absolutely beautiful in a slight off-white color, but it provides a totally unique feel as well. It’s smooth, yet textured. It really is something you have to experience for yourself to understand and I often find myself just running my fingers over the coating. It also serves to protect the magnesium from oxidation and keep it looking great.


Seems like it must cause enough problems that it’s not tried much anymore.


It was never really tried much to begin with. Not sure why.

I do know that for example @yoyospirit did a few for me and it didn’t affect the play at all.


Beautiful gallery from @yoyospirit!

Maybe you’re right about it just having to be done correctly. Might be that mass producers aren’t experienced at the care needed with yo-yos.

I had a Daizzy-Fly that was powder coated, but who cared much about vibe then? I think it was pretty smooth… Wish I’d kept it.

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Wainbow bliss without rainbow or torched rims?

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Singwon Patriot JP had a White/w Gold rims color way.


Pics or it didn’t happen. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It says the picture “Isn’t authorized” but it is a PNG?


Er what? Are you using the upload button? You can also copy and paste an image into the editor if need be.


Here’s a white MG, does that count?

And yeah, powdercoating runs the risk of vibe. It’s not a huge risk and can be avoided. But it’s higher than the essentially zero risk that you have with anno.



Oh wow they made white ones? Neat. The metallic sparkle coats are cooler though.


Oh wow they made white ones?

No,that’s just one I powdercoated back in the day.

Here’s a white Bare Bones from perhaps even further back.



Google “disskings yoyo” and you’ll see some of @photogeek’s work. :slight_smile: