Whimsy is sold on YoyoExpert?

I didn’t even see it coming. Whimsy…

I saw it coming.

Then again, I saw their thread in Up and Coming Manufacturers that said they’d be sold on YYE. I also got the email about it. And a singing minstrel told me about it yesterday.

You didn’t see the signs?

Who cares, looks like another great yoyo being sold in the US

Why, yes I did. There was a bright shinning star in the west that was visible long after the dawn, giving me the sign something was imminent.

And the LORD spoketh, “I lay down upon ye, Whimsy”. And it was so.

LinksLegionare, jhb8426, and me, all went westwards to seek out the birth of a new yoyo. We were forever known as the 3 Dings.

Or maybe the 3 stooges… :wink:

Or perhaps, the three blind mice…

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3 little pigs. And I live in the brick house. Whimsy is the wolf that blows down your wallet. I have a safe instead. ;D

Don’t leave out the three bears. :-\

They’re quite nice. We got a review model for YoYoNews. Dead smooth and the sidecaps look really good.

Flocking tho?

Didn’t get a flocked one, just a regular version.

If anybody did get the flocked one I’d be really curious to know how it plays!