Life throws hard times your way, and you find that our little spinning object on a string can help take your mind off of things. Rather than sitting back and whimpering in the corner, you stand up, and let creativity take you to a new place.

I am Haru_Ray, the wolf.

This is how I throw.



Really inspiring stuff Josh really liked it, I felt like the tricks flowed with the music well and I also like what you did with Mach-5.

And only at the end did I realize you were in a corner. XD

Really crazy style, nice stuff. What editing software do you use?

I really enjoyed this video. will more than likely watch this a lot more. I very much enjoy your throwing style. Thank you for sharing this with us. sometimes its the down times in our lives that make our best stuff start to shine.

I am in love with your style ,Josh. very impressive!

Simple amazing, I haven’t seen a video that creative and cool as that in a while. I love the concept too!
keep up the great work :wink:

That was, like, really really good. Like, REALLY really good.

Simply Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic stuff, Josh. These are great tricks. You ought to make tutorials for some of these.

Again, fan-freakin-tastic.