Which one of these videos is best for making string?


Hey guys
So i wanted to make some string and typed on youtube" how to make yoyo string" i got results and found the one by fojopost and cottoncandym1 to be the best… I think. So i need you guys to help me decide which of these i should use. If you guys have different videos that you guys think may be the best, let me know. Even if it not in video form, but a post or description on how to make yoyo string that can be one of the best ways please let me know or post it here. :slight_smile:


The process for making string is really quite basic - you loop the thread around two points, twist, fold in half, and twist again. As long as you follow that process, you’ll be fine. You can really do it however you want - on the floor, vertically, upside down, doesn’t matter.

However, the real variation is string comes from the material used and how tightly the string is twisted.


Thanks for letting me know that. I really didnt realize it until after you let me know what it comes down to thanks! ;D