Which gen Sasquatch is this?

ok, so I thought I bought a 2014 Sasquatch, but I’m having my doubts. The guy I bought it from said these were either snow tires or stock, and I am 99.9% sure snow tires aren’t clear, meaning this is either a 1st gen with flow able silicone, or some clear response stickers

I was kinda hoping I bought a 2014, but I’m fine with OG, it plays amazingly, that just means I need to hunt down a 2014 Sasquatch in the future

That’s a og team edition Sasquatch

Released in 2010

I recently had one and honestly I thinks its better than the new ones

Cool, I don’t even mind, I just wanted the info

Honestly pretty stoked about having an OG the more I think about it, on top of the fact that t was minty mint after 4 years and I only paid $80