my Sasquatch for your dv888, mighty flea, or big deal

I need to find a pink with silver splash dv888 like this one

I have a team edition Sasquatch with quite a few marks
I’m looking for,
Mighty flea and mighty flea axles
Big deal
pink with silver splash dv888
Hit me up the worst I can say is no :wink:

I thought team edition Sasquatch was Brown w/ Blue Speckles. Reverse team edition?

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This looks like a john bot. Does it have different engraving then the regular engraved Sas’s? If its a J.B it will look like a compass engraving on one (if not both) sides.

It’s a chocolate chips edition sasquatch

Oops didn’t realize those speckles were brown. Your right Reefyo :slight_smile: but I bet you already knew that lol.

I’m kinda curious as to why you’d be willing to trade a Sasquatch for a Dv888…

Because that colorway I have found is hard to come by and I love that colorway.

ive got a b grade dv888 but it is blue/gold splash