Which Color DV888 pre-release should i get?


Get whichever color you like better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I like the black better.

Well, if you like flashy, get the Goldish one. If you want just awesomeness XD get the Black!

Wee, first vote for orange. I think that the black one is too black. I think that yoyos with more outstanding colors are a bit “cooler” than all black ones.

same here i like light colorsw

8 Votes Black
3 Votes Orange-ish gold

It should be the other way around.

Black yoyos are black… just black. Orange ones are like:… WHOA ORANGE!!!

Connor, I’m going to say in this post what I said in my message ;D

Black…just cause.

Haha :smiley: