Dv888 Gold color.

(stephen_cameron) #1

Im going to buy a DV888, but wondering about the gold color.
What do yall think of it? Does it look good? Im hoping someone that has it can answer, I know i can see it but alot of the times they look better in real life: ie my red boss and aqua acid tactic.
Thanks a bunch guys!


Does it look good to you?

(stephen_cameron) #3

Eh it looks okay, I want to know if it looks better then the picture / Video though.
My boss and tactic look much better then the picture shows them

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

gold looks pretty good, but remember color doesn’t effect play

(stephen_cameron) #5

Haha very true. I am getting one for sure, just need to make a decision on what color :wink: The HARDEST of all yo-yo decisions.