Which CLYW throws have been released in an all black colorway?


Which throws from CLYW have been released in flat black, no engraving? I know the Chief and WM2 for sure. Any others?




Wooly Marmot


Saw a black chief at pnwr


Ah, I knew Bonfire as well. The first WM was all black as well? Nice, now I need to find two of those :confused:


Marmot 2, Bonfire and Chief are the only 3 I think. “Pitch Black” is a newer colorway clyw has made i think bc they saw people are into single colors due to some people wanting to save money and some people just liking black.

Puffin 2 comes in pink AC 2 forest green, a lot come in solid gold now

Edit AC 1 also comes in solid pink too :slight_smile:


Looks like the WM1 had an all black release, but it had some engraving in the catch zone. I think I want that more than the others! Also, were there some black Bassalopes?


Most of the Lost In the Arctic Canvases are solid black but they have the zombie engravings. There’s also a few black w/ black splash Fool’s Gold ones floating around.


Yes, I own one.


There are two solid black Peaks out there somewhere.


I had a non blasted solid black marmot without engravings.


I doubt I’ll ever try for a Peak, and I already have the Canvases!


You completed your set? Nice man Im happy for you! Are they all mint or atleast near? Im sure that whole set would fetch over a thousand if they are!




‘Released’, not ‘refinished’

As far as I know the only black Peaks that came from CLYW are from the Hoodride set.


I know someone commisioned levi to do a black painted second run peak. So it was white with a black instead of blue peak. Looked great and he also did the gold leaf peak with black body that was one of the ebay 2nd runs they did.

Also believe the fatlace campfire fits this


Yeti :wink: