Which Bearing Lasts the longest?

Hi, I am looking for a bearing with a crease in the middle that lasts long because I feel like I’m going thorough them too quickly. Price doesn’t matter as of now.


Going through them? What do you mean by that. Are you cleaning your bearings out and re-lubing them?

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I agree. Even just running a bearing dry will last you a long time. Are they locking up or just slowing down?

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Which Bearing Lasts the longest?
Well the one you take care of obviously.

S/C ceramic bearings last 5 times longer then steel.
That is why they are used in aircrafts…

Both of which are probably orders of magnitude more than the life expectancy of the yoyos they’re used in.

Ceramic bearings will last a lot shorter than regular bearings if you don’t take care of them.

pick up a crucial groove. great bearing right there. I’ve yet to have a bearing die on me, and I have some 3-4 year old throws with (presumably) the original bearing.