Where to get quality promotional yo-yos?

Let’s say you wanted to get around 200 reasonable quality promotional yo-yos with your company logo on them.

By “reasonable” I mean not super generic cheap wood yo-yos or super generic cheap plastic yo-yos… something roughly along the quality level of a YYF SpinStar:

The price seems about right, at quantity with your logo on it mayyyybe they could be around $6 each?

I kinda wonder if a yo-yo that has a ProYo II style replaceable pog cap might be the way to go here. That way you’re not printing on plastic which seems… complex and possibly expensive.

There is Another Place On The Internet™ where the (Dale Oliver?) Spintastics can be had with custom logos for around $14 each but that’s a bit more than I want to spend at ~200 quantity.

I’m actually a pretty big fan of the ProYo IIs so if there was some way to do that, that’d work for me. I just don’t know how!


I remember seeing Matt Carter’s instructional on how to make pogs on one of the super old forums. He’s the guy that did the art on all of the ProYo pogs back in the day. I’ll see if I can dig it up!

Edit: I used to have a ton of old links saved in a bookmarks folder. Most were from the Wayback Machine back when I was searching production numbers from some of the old ProYos. For some reason, I can only access the bookmarks on my college gmail even when I switch to my personal account :sob:

I guess for the moment at least that page is lost…


I know a place to get custom Spinstar.

Meet me round back under the bleachers after school. If you get my drift :shushing_face:


Custom dv888 too


I would highly recommend SpinStar for this.

ProYo can kind of do - but I think quantities would need to be higher.

Can help with either (artwork planning too, etc) if you need!


We did Spinstars with custom decals for an event recently and they looked really good.


Consider reaching out to John Higby. I used to get stuff in bulk from him and it’s likely still something he does. There surely will be some lead time but a custom Higby logo will be impressive. Consider trading me one if you do… :slight_smile:

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Spinstar is the way to go here. Tough, low maintenance, inexpensive, butterfly-ish shape.

Another option would be the YYF Legend Wing with laser burned logos. YYF does a lot of these for various contests, etc. Though I have no idea if it is a method that scales well or if it is better for short runs.

If I remember correctly, you aren’t a huge fan of the Legend Wing. But I think it’s worth mentioning in case someone else finds this thread in the future.


Interesting so just a plain sticker? Like a transparent or opaque sticker? I guess the sides of the Spinstar are flat so this works OK if the sticker is cut to the correct circular dimensions?

Any pics of how this came out?

Easy way: grab a sticker and slap em on to the pog caps

I spot CAKE !!
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Yyf one and whip are also great choices. Proyo from Duncan is now somewhat older I guess.yes spinstar is a good choice. And proyo is a looping yoyo.but a good looping yoyo.

They’re opaque vinyl decals cut to size and applied at the factory.

Looked pretty good:


Got these promotional Spinstars (with hub stickers) from @yyfben2! Thanks for everyone’s advice.



That is a LOT of discourse spinstars


I would have preferred a bearing + starburst model but ayyyy NO RAGRETS, the price was right! We got 200 of those.


where did you get these from

Contact YoYoFactory directly.


Those just for goody bags or you doing a team building activity? Socks too! Classy.