Where to get a new axle for an Adegle Asteroid?


So, after doing a bit of research I got the Asteroid, got it in, and it’s super wobbly. Then, I noticed that it was extremely loose, you had to get it uncomfortably tight to stay in place. Here’s the axle. Might be hard to see, but the threads at the end are bent.


So next question: Where do I get a new one?


Should be at your nearest hardware store

BTW my asteroids axle is loose as well but works once I tighten it


Brought in the bent one and got a 4 pack of 'em, works great, no longer have the weird tightness problem. The axle itself wasn’t loose, it was like it refused to tighten at all once it got to a point and just hung there. But as I said, fixed now. :slight_smile: