Where to find glow string??

Where do I find glow in the dark yoyo string. Help!

make it.


get glow thread: do this:

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they sell the thread at joanns for I think like $3 or $4 for 250 yards. it’s expensive thread, but it’s cool when paired with a starlite or similar glow yoyo.

Also, kitty string sells their original string is glow. and I think some other brands do as well.

You need to buy a UV light, and yoyo in front of it with only the UV on.

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I like your kind of posting good sir, you get my respect. Lets be friends.


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Paul sells premade gloe in the dark strings @ http://www.yoyogstring.com/#ecwid:category=0&mode=product&product=1334815

He’s only got a few bunches left, so act fast.

Hope this helps.

I think I heard Twisted Stringz is making the glow string. Check them out. www.facebook.com/twistedstringz