Where to buy tama?

Can they be bought individually? I’ve seen customs for sale but just wondering if you can buy standard ones.

Your best bet is to contact your seller of choice. I can’t imagine it would provide a significant savings, though.

I hear you. I just assumed it would be an option they would offer… Oh well. Thanks.

Like you, I’ve only ever seen custom ones like that. It would be cool if you could buy them in different weights and textures to swap out with your favorite ken.

Yea, different weights are what I am after. I guess you’d pretty much have to buy customs since they’d probably just be different types of wood or other materials.

I’m getting one of Landon’s aluminum kendamas too! That’ll be a heavy one, lol. Can’t wait for that!

I’ve been going about on this venture as well. I just want the tama, not the ken.

Oddly enough, Sweets sells natural kens with no tama. I did contact them and they responded by letting me know they are not selling tamas as a separate item. I’ll just order a Natty Kendama then.

I also went to the nearby store that carries a lot of kendama stuff and they too also don’t sell just tamas.

I think at some point, people are going to want tamas of different wood for different weights, or to just have their own to customize.

Sunrise Kendamas has them if you can contact them.