Natural kendamas needed!!!!

Hello, my name is Alex and I need natural kendamas made for me. I’m looking to start out small but I will later want to buy in bulk. If you can make them please text me at 760 490 9744 or email me at Thank you

Plenty of brands make kendamas with no paint or stains, so they are bare wood. Try hitting them up direct. It may not be good for the long run buying retail for large numbers, but you can establish a retail account with them if you meet their criteria(usually seller’s permit type document and a minimum order), but for a few here and there, you can buy “retail direct” or from other resellers.

Keep in mind prices will vary depending on make, model and if they are JKA Approved or JKA Recommended.

Yoshi assuming that you are custom painting them I would suggest oozoras otherwise find a semi local person with a CNC Lathe.