Where to buy t-shirts for a small fella?

So, I’m wanting to pick up a couple Duncan shirts as well as a couple other yoyo t-shirts, but sadly…YYE doesn’t carry much of anything in a youth large/adult small. Perhaps they are discriminating against small people? (Totally a joke.) But seriously, starting around the time I became an adult, and for the last 10 years following, it has become harder and harder to find clothes that don’t swallow me whole. I believe it has a lot to do with the state of “weight-health” in this country.

Yes, I am a grown Man who needs a shirt that small, and can’t find really anything…help please?

5’6", 117 lbs. No one has any sympathy for people with overactive thyroids. Nor any clothes. Haha.

Yo should ask John Narum where he gets his yoyo T shirts he’s pretty short.(Not that that’s a bad thing)

It’s not the length I’m worried about. It’s the girth of the shirt. I don’t like them to be loose, looking for something that will fit my scrawny a bit better.

We have some Red Duncan Shirts available in an Adult Small.