where on the yye trick ladder would you classify the double laceration


i can do it sometimes! just wondering if the trick is beyond or at my skill level (working on tricks from kwijibo to spirit bomb)


I dont agree with the way the tricks are classified on this sight… lol. I guess different tricks are harder for different people.

Double lacerations are sweet. I can do them, but I cheat. My finger hits the string just before the loop is formed. Not considered a true laceration but still looks wicked. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it were listed on the site it would most likely go in the expert category.

Skin the Gerbil and Suicides are very easy to me. On the other hand I think Boingy Boings and leg wraps are very difficult. lol. I can do Gyro Flops without even thinking about it but I cant do a Magic drop to save my life.


is true with me lol!

(Owen) #4

I would put it under advanced part 2.

But that just because I can land a triple laceration Brent stole nine times out of ten.


i can Throw Quadruple lacerations :))


I don’t agree at all with how the tricks are put. I think things like double iron whip should be in like, advanced 1. Same with hour glass. and tricks like and whut, yukki slack, and ladder escape in the expert areas. only trick i really feel should be a master trick is Superman, which happens to be the only trick that was at all hard for me to learn. (other than boing-boing.)


I don’t like how some of the tricks are put up either, it makes tricks look a lot harder than it really is.
Sometimes it discourages me so I practice less.