Where do I find the C13?

I was wondering where I would go and buy the c13 when it comes out. Would it be directly from yoyofactory.com? Or, could I get it from a site like yoyoguy.com or yoyoexpert’s shop. Thanks for the help, everyone!

Also, what time exactly are they going to be released, and how fast will they sell out?

Probably yoyonation

They Will Be sold at worlds, and through most yoyo websites, unless I’m Wrong

They will be released online on August 7 or 8. They will be availible here, or at YoYoNation. You had the chance to pick one up a BLC, and will be able to pick one up at worlds. They are $80. But before you buy one, I highly suggest reading this: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,5196.msg60040.html#msg60040

Hope I helped!

Yes, I did happen to read your review, which was very helpfull. The post was helpfull, too. Thanks!

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Worlds, Nationals, and after, most other contests that have YoYoFactory booths, or traders. Once they come out online, probably YoYoNation first. If you live near hobby stores, go for that too.

It will probably end up here. I believe they’ve already shipped, or going to ship soon.