Where can I buy a soft case

I want to buy a soft case the can store yoyos. i want to make my own though. Would a laptop case work?


Yes you could use a laptop case… but, make sure it’s the right size. Some people use Vaultz cases too. But you do have another option…

The YoYoSam Bag: Well this case doesn’t hold 15 to 20 yo-yo’s but it is surelly cheap. The YoYoSam bag holds 12 yo-yo’s but can hold 24. Only $12. A carbon copy of a Yomega case, except with a YoYoSam logo. I have one and it’s awesome.

Here’s two soft case in yoyoplay.com (just scroll down to see more, not strings  :P:


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Or if you could find a bag for a projector, that would work very well I think.

Really anything that has a good amount of space works. Just find something, it’s not too hard.

I have a Vaultz case, and it works great.

Found it again:


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Starscreem, he wants to make his own, not buy one.

I have two of those yoyosam bags. lol I think some of these stores should sell DIY bag kits.
Cut the holes where you want them and even a space for string and lube. That would be cool.


Happy Throwing! =]