Where Are You Now?

Okay, post where you are at this very moment. Only post with a photo though, and tell us something about it. It’s 3pm, and I’m sitting in the park using my Ipad. Normally, that field is for baseball, but it’s all covered in snow. The temp is below freezing here in M.A. I’m sitting in the parking lot here killing time. I got out the car and snapped a pic. Mine is boring…hope you might do better. So, Where are you?

(3:17pm Monday February 18, 2013) Drinking my afternoon coffee and removing a knot from my Hulk Smash Fade Chief… Got to love a Monday holiday!!! My two fav Presidents are Washington and Lincoln BTW!!!

I have to take a pic now!

Awesome, I wish I was inside now. I will be soon though haha. Coffee made me feel warm looking at the pic. Thanks for that. :smiley:

I bet someone is sitting in their office with a view of the city. Let’s see it. :slight_smile:

No view of the city…

^ Wait…is that Braintree? :slight_smile: South Shore Plaza maybe? My favorite mall? It’s like 15 minutes away from me. :-\