Where are the M10's!?!

Alright, it’s been about a year now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is anyone else still anxious as to whether or not YoYoExpert is ever going to reclaim the stolen General Yo M10’s?

I’d imagine it’s a long process, yet I think Ernie should make some special collector’s box or dog tags to send with each one in honor of the run that went through so much. :smiley:

Either way, is anyone else still excited for these?



YES. It’s good to see people remember. They were supposed to be cleared for sale sometime over the summer but I don’t know what ended up happening.

Didn’t they get them?

I don’t think so, for two reasons. One being that I haven’t heard anything on here or General Yo’s Facebook. Two is I think they’d still show up under General Yo’s products, because the prestige is still there and that released early October of last year, and it’s still there.

Aren’t they being saved as evidence or something?

General Yo’s web page says to “keep an eye out” on here for them soon, but I think it’s been there a while.


Funny enough - I was just on the phone with our local Detectives at the police station.

We should have them very, very soon. :wink:

Very special yo-yos - such a story to tell! Haha.


I heard about this! No one messes with my favorite store! I sent Officer Hatchet to handle it.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7441/13243448385_2b15d15f8b_z.jpgOfficerHatchet2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Yeah that’d definitely make me wanna buy one even more. :slight_smile:

…Did you do that just for this thread?

Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

i want one of the BA editions,a BA with a BA story,im happy they are gonna show up finally.

Think you should even send Officer Nifty to catch the the criminals as he would be nifty to catch them.

Nah, I posted him awhile back. But, he resurfaces when there is yo-yo related wrongdoing. I will also create an Officer Nifty for MysteriousYoyoer. I’ll do that soon.

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can anybody please fill me on to why the police are involved with this yoyo

“Put your slipknot behind your gap. You have the right to remain smooth, any vibe may be used against you in a court of law or other proceeding…”

Sinister looking SPYY is taken into custody.

OfficerHatchet by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Here it is as it played out from the beginning (I’ve just cherry-picked the relevant posts):

So there you have it! Massive kudos once again to NathanC for his great detective work.

I’m glad to see that this all ended up working out and these M10’s will be showing up on here soon… I’m tempted to buy one myself just so I can own a piece of YYE folklore.  :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are these even good?
(blatant I don’t know my yoyo facts and is ignorant post)

Also, “soon” is about 8 months? :o ;D

Yeah man definitively pick one up if you can, so smooth.

Ehh, the prestige is better… But its apples to oranges… It never really did it for me, but those Santa engravings are so sweet!

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That’s so nice of you TA.