When will they announce what the Black Friday deals are?


Just curious so I can decide ahead of time how much I can cram into my budget.

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It’s usually like 15% off an order of a certain amount or more (probably like $100). Also the YYF Mystery Boxes, which I hope they have a decent amount of stock of, because they are always selling out really quick.

Also there is way to many threads on this already haha.


Sorry :slight_smile: I typed Black Friday into the search bar but the only useful one I found mentioned mystery boxes. 15% off sounds pretty good.

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Yeah, if you can use it with giftcards. I don’t think you were allowed to couple it with giftcards last year, unfortunately.


Any discount will not be allowed on giftcards and mystery boxes/bags will most likely be gone by then. For those getting something anyways just spend the savings on response, bearings and strings. Happy shopping.


The blog post makes it sound like more than a blanket discount:


“some” great opportunities and “some neat stuff” rather than “a one-day-a-year discount on our entire line of neat stuff.”

But, that’s just marketing. They’ll want it to be somewhat vague, and even if it’s a blanket discount, the marketing copy will not have lied, it just won’t be as fun as the alternative (selected nutty discounts on specific items in addition to a potential blanket discount).