When will it end, when will it end? *

Thursday of last week we had 9 inches of new snow.
It’s snowing again with 6-10 inches forecast.
It’s APRIL 22!!

My head hurts!!!

(*) The Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down

That’s terrible. Did you start writing those complaint letters I suggested?



Well, the first 5 are all hacks, particularly the first one. Not too sure about the rest either.

Maybe you could get everyone in town to chip in for one of these?

I live in MN too. It’s been a ridiculous spring so far. It has given me more time to throw but it’s getting a bit out of hand… Oh Minnesota…

Ummm, no, they already promised all of the money for things like that to the viking’s new stadium.

On top of that, most lakes in the northern half of the state (where all the fish live) still have 2-3 ft of ice on them, and the fishing opener is just 3 weeks away. :-\

Lame, looks like no canoeing for you for a while. :frowning:

Maybe take a vacation down to long beach? kinda hot, very windy (no snow in sight).

mmmmm…snow…swooooooosh :-*

It’s just wasted on some people. You can use a canoe in the snow, kayaks work better though. :smiley:

Yeah, the pre-season get together is scheduled for next weekend at a regional park. Looks like it’s going to be winter camping event.

A long, long time ago, in another time and place, when I lived in Seattle we used to ski right up to Memorial Day weekend. Here in MN they usually close up mid-March, and the snow is pretty much shot after that. And right now I’m really tired of it at this point.