When was the Red/Black Duncan O Boy made?

Well, I just bought a Half Red Half Black Duncan O Boy and was wondering, when was it made? Doesnt have to be exact, but I just wanted to know when. I know the mint colored one was the first (Well, I’m pretty sure) but I have no clue as to when the BlackRed one was made.

Thanks in advance!


Also, does anyone have any confirmation of the red/black o boy’s legitimacy?

The first O-Boy was just a rebranded Flores made of existing Flores stock in 1930. The Duncan O-Boy that you have is a beginner-type yoyo, sold with a pegged string, that was manufactured in the late 30s / early 40s.

Worth about $15 - $20.

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Thats what I thought. Thanks so much!

I bought it for $3 so I guess that was a good deal :smiley: