When do I replace the string

I am new to unresponsive and ball-bearing yoyos. In my old wooden axle yoyos - i could easily look at the loop around the axle and see it wearing down and replace it.

On my new unresponsive yoyo, the loop doesn’t seem to fray the same way, but the entire string length seems to very quickly get ‘fuzzy’ - which I assume is from all the friction of the binds. Is there a good indicator or something I should look for that implies impending string breakage? Is there a rule of thumb for the number of hours of play a string can take?


It depends on the string how long it is going to last. For me, when the string starts looking dirty and doesn’t have its bright color anymore, I change it.

Also, what string are you using?

You can find an answer here: Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

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I am using something called HighEndString - it is a polyester and was recommended by the site from which I bought my yoyo.

reading the string guide referenced above was very helpful. in my fixed axle yoyos, the string break was always at the axle, not it seems i should be checking around the rim and slipknot - something I would never have thought of.

I will probably change my string before i leave on vacation anyway, just in case…

Thanks for the guidance. I am new to this site, but it really great place for information.

On my fixed axle yoyos the string wear is usually at the slip knot or at the rim. This is primarily on loopers, though on my fixed axle butterflies I still see wear at the slip knot, rarely at the rim. On my bearing yoyos the string usually gets ratty before it shows much wear and I replace it. Fresh string plays better.

I replace my strings when they don’t look as bright and have frayed.

Thanks for the help.

Moral of the story: Better safe than sorry! Replace when it is starting to look worn or frayed.

I replace my string when:

  • I’m trying to do slack tricks and the string won’t hold tension any more.  This means that the string twist up against itself.
  • It becomes so fuzzy that it looks bad.
  • When I throw the yoyo, the yoyo hits the end of the string and it feels like a rock at the end of a chain.  That is, there’s no bounce left in the string and every move feels like “Bang, Bang, Bang”

I usually replace my string once it no longer can retain its tension. second would be how dirty and grimy the string would feel…