WHats your top 10 biggest wants?

Number 1 is the one you want the most (If u cant pick between 2 yoyos, list both as number 1 XD) I’m crazy over any kind of string tricks, horizontal, grinds, and 4A…

  1. YYF Genesis+/YYF Superstar (can’t decide between the two) XD
  2. Deadly SpINS Wrath (Beast at grinding)
  3. Duncan Strix (Epic grinder)/ YYF CZM84VK (Can’t decide between these 2 either XD)
  4. Yotricks Civility (Can’t wait for it to release!)
  5. One Drop Rally (Will be released on July 19, 18 more days to raise $45 XD)
  6. 2 YYJ ReXtremes ( Pretty good at normal 4a, Have yet to learn double offstring…)
  7. X Cube Stampede (One of THE best grinders out there)
  8. YYJ H3X (It’s by Andre Boulay so it has to be good)
  9. Yomega Glide (Tried one, pretty good overall)
  10. Dream Yo New Wing (I tried one, horizontal tricks became easier)

There is a top five biggest wants thread found here:

Feel free to post twice in it. :slight_smile: