what's your favourite way to clean bearings?

I have heard many different ways to clean bearings so what is your favourite method to do normal bearing cleanings? I shake the bearing in acetone for 30 seconds, dry it then put some dry play on it.

I like to put them in my mouth and suck the gunk right out of them.

Like my grandpappy always used to say…


that is the best way to clean bearings I have ever heard, I have to try that

I suggest wrapping them in tin foil and microwaving for three minutes on high. That’s the second time I’ve said something like that today; do not actually do that.

Deshielding a bearing is necessary. For new bearings or lubed ones I use acetone in a glass container, people recommending shaking it. If you go that route I’d say to shake it in a circular motion, like a centrifuge. I often just soak and stir it around with tweezers, as I use them to remove aforementioned bearings. Handle acetone with care, read precautions, don’t put bearings back into plastic throws unless they’re completely dry of acetone, don’t leave a bearing submerged in acetone for more than 10 minutes, or feed it after midnight.
For bearings that need a quick rinse I use electrical contact cleaner in the same manner. It’s fast, easy, dries quickly, and can be sprayed with force into a bearing.

I mount the bearing on a 1/4 male to female audio adapter as its just the right size, drill bits and the ends of bic pens work well too. Finger spin or use canned air or a compressor to spin your bearing dry. Repeat if necessary.

Paper cleaning may be needed for large foreign objects or globs of grease (not lube, grease) packed into some stock bearings. I’m looking at you yomega, don’t tell me you’ve changed I got a new one straight from your store less than a month ago. But I digress, paper cleaning is basically using small triangle cut piece of thin paper, folder once, to clean the inner and outter races of the bearing by being placed between the race and the cage. When cleaning the outer race hold the outside of the bearing still, and move the paper around pushing the track. Alternatively, move the outside while holding the paper still. For the inside mount the bearing on a 1/4 again and rotate the mounting object while keeping the paper still, or vice versa. The point to come away with is don’t just place a piece if paper in the bearing and spin it, the paper needs to move across the race. Just because the bearing is moving doesnt mean its touching a different area of the race.

I use dry play to lube my bearings. Use your lube of choice. A figurative pindrop will be MORE than enough.


  • Deshield with a smile.
  • Acetone for oil and grease.
  • Electrical contact cleaner for quick cleans.
    ***These are harsh chemicals which should be used in a well ventilated area, with adult supervision. You can damage the table you’re working on, get chemical burns, and worst if all you can ruin a yoyo with harsh chemicals.
  • Spin dry. Completely dry.
  • Profit?
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I stick the de-shielded bearing in some type of container. Cover it with acetone. Shake, vigorously, for about 30 seconds. Drain acetone. Put bearing on the end of a Brute and blow it dry with compressed air. Add a tiny drop of lube and blow once again. Voila.

It may be looked down upon, but I use water and Dawn hand soap (the one that is dispensed as a foam so there’s less residue). I rinse the bearing with some soap and swish the bearing around the water an then I dry it with a hair dryer. I put a small amount of lube on it and then gyro flop the yoyo that has the bearing in it and then I’m done.


This thread is pretty much done after this comment.

O yeah? My grandpa used to say that putting it up your nose, and then sniffing it out worked pretty good…