Bearing Cleaning

How do I clean my yoyo bearings? I’ve just used a slightly moist paper towel to clean them, am I supposed to do it some other way?

On a side note my finger starts hurting when I do tricks for too long. I wear a yoyo glove, but it only helps a little. Is there a better way to protect my finger?

Take your bearing and deshield it, then dip it in acetone. Although if its not responsive there is no reason to clean it. Lube it afterwards.

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Well to clean your bearing do what he^ said. But if you don’t have acetone you could use mineral spirits. And instead of dipping you should just drop the bearing in the liquid, then swish it around. Also there’s multiple threads about how to clean bearings

As for finger reinforcement. You could use band-aids. Or medical tape. Gauze pads (and tape). But the most efficient is to build a callous over time

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