Bearing Help


I was at the South Central Yoyo Contest and somebody told me I needed to clean my bearing. So it would be great if you tell me how to clean it.


There are hundreds (seriously) of threads explaining this…

Get acetone and compressed air along with something to put the acetone in. That’s all you need.

Maybe get something, small, that has a lid. Place deshielded bearing into container. Pour just enough acetone to cover the bearing. Put lid on. Shake for a few minutes, let sit, whatever… Remove bearing. Blow it dry with the compressed air. Voila.

It may be best to get a non-plastic container because the acetone may melt it depending on the plastic type.


Here ya go:

YouTube searches can produce amazing results. There are other videos too. Watch a few. This is one of the better ones.

I do prefer to use acetone.