What's the difference between vibe and wobble?

So yeah, what’s the difference between vibe and wobble?

Vibe is that little vibration of the yoyo when it’s sleeping not so smoothly.
Wobble of a yoyo (at least the way I see it) is when the yoyo shakes more than that little vibration of vibe, and I usually have a wobbly yoyo when it starts to unscrew or after I do a failed grind.

Vibe is usually invisible to the naked eye, and can only be felt by placing your fingernail on the yoyo while it is spinning. Wobbles can usually be observed when you look closely at the yoyo when it is spinning.

Vibe comes from vibration.I think of vibration as, well, the yoyo vibrating while sleeping. If you look closely enough (that’s what I think), it vibrates a bit, kinda like banging on drums.

Wobble is when the yoyo is sleeping, it goes to one side and another rapidly. This can happen by hitting the yoyo while it’s sleeping, or as said by smartboy3456.