What yoyo is Paul Han using?

I have read comments on youtube that they “think” he is using YYF Genesis… i have never got it clarified if thats really what he is using… Now, i know he was using the ROCKstar 2012 on the BAC 2011 a week ago, but i don’t know what his main throw is… could anyone help?

You really like Paul Han huh?

I always see him using that color yoyo, which is a Genesis. YYF in the description got confused I guess, and some people took pictures from a certain angle, and you can clearly see that’s a Genesis. Genesis is the answer.

Yeah i do! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alrighty, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

He has the YoyoFactory x Paul Han x bombsquadsf Genesis.
I love Pauls style!


Yeah it’s unique, insanity lies within his fingers :slight_smile:

HaHa!!! Yeah totally!

Check out his website:

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