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Love this video! Paul Han and John Ando is amazing! And Protostar is BEAST!

I dig it :smiley:

i really like that video!!! it is awesome!!!

That was amazing! :wink: Boing-E-Boing variations cease to amaze me.

Amazing vid I wish John ando started to compete in 1a again I love his style

Good lord all of Yoyofactory’s promotional vids are so friggin effective!!! Everytime I see one I come out of it saying “I NEED that yoyo!”…not doing much for my fiscal responsibility

This Is my first time seeing John Ando In action and man Is he beast! Paul Han beasted like always! Awesome vid!

Although my protostar came with horrid vibe, this video was awesome!

Now, I’ll just say it, I don’t really like YoyoFactory, the company or the yoyos, but I will never disrespect their players, especially Ando, even if there’s a fire. Like, jeez, look at him! His style is so fun to watch and so innovative. It’s one of those styles that makes you go, “I wanna try that!” Then pick up a yoyo and throw for hours! And on top of that, look at his taste in music. Joy Division is whats up! XD

After watching this video it makes you realize more that it’s not the yo-yo it’s the player. You think you need a 150 metal yoyo with a ceramic bearing? That is a 35 dollar chunk of plastic he using to do all those tricks.

Its a really NICE chunk of plastic though. XD

Hey don’t misunderstand me. I have two of them and love them both. One I leave at work in case the power goes out or I have some time to burn.

Deffinitly one of the better YoYoFactory promotional videos. Very nice yoyoing John and Paul!