what yoyo did izuru hasumi use in worlds 2013 ? also is he sponsored by YYR?

well i want to know what yoyo did izuru use at worlds also is he sponsored by yoyorecreation

If i’m not mistaken, a Draupnir.
And yes, he’s part of the YYR team. He’s even managed to get his name on a Sleipnir, and boy that colorway was a beaudy.

I made friends with his mom at the 2012 worlds. She and her son are both very nice people. I was approaching the intermediate level of Japanese, & she was kind enough to help me with a few phrases that my lessons had not yet taught me. I truly believe Izuru will one day be champion. He uses the right mix of technical skills & artistic impression.

And I just facebooked her about this post. She is one very proud mom, & I’m sure she will be happy to know that her son has fans in America.

And here is Chiyako Hasumi’s (Izuru’s mom) facebook response to me letting her know about her son being on this fourm:

“Chiyako Hasumi
I’m very happy to hear about my son from America.
I believe he will continue to do his best to receive support from players from all over the world . Thank you very much!”

Like I said, she is one proud yoyo mom!

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And she’s so proud for her son to have fans in America, that she just posted a link to this page to her facebook page. Izuru Hasumi rules!!!