What yo-yo is this?

Hello all, I recently got this yoyo at a contest; and I would like more info on what EXACTLY this yoyo is. Back in October 25th of this year(2014), I got a yoyo from a guy who was selling this throw for $20 at the contest. And BTW the contest was the Bill Liebowitz Classic yoyo contest in Hollywood. So far I know only 2 significant things about this yoyo: it is a prototype, and it’s presumed name of it is called a T’chotchkie. I tried looking on the internet, but couldn’t find any details, not even the company name. About the play, it is AMAZING. The yoyo is so smooth that I can hit all of my combos(even on a bad throw) with ease. This yoyo plays like a YYF H.O.T, YYJ Hex, and a CLYW Avalanche all combined together. The design looks like a Turning Point yoyo( which was my first assumption). If anyone has info on this throw, please reply. Pic’s below…

That is from the new rebranded RECREV company. I don’t believe it was given a name? I only know the company name changed and is still under Alex Kim as far as I know.

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Yeah I tried to look for what your talking about. I saw a few yoyo that looked a lot like it, but not exactly the same. The versions that I was looking at were probably an old, or finalized model of this yoyo I have. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

That is RecRev’s new name basically. They have been selling prototypes recently. On Anthony Rojas’ AMA you can see he is now sponsored by T’chotchkie.

Hope T’chotchkie is going to be at Las Vegas Open, because I want to pick one up when I’m there. :wink:


I can’t wait to buy some yoyos and then receive them eventually! If ever!

The suspense and excitement is what I’m paying for.


It’s the yoyo form of gambling. You put down your money and cross your fingers that a yoyo actually turns up. You win some, you lose some.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember when poor old gNNY was trying to find out what happened to his order? It took him 7 months and an incredible amount of work and chasing-up before he finally received it:


I think Steve Brown said it best:

If they make it to YYE, then go ahead and buy one since they will guarantee you’ll receive it. However, if you value your time and money, do not attempt to buy these directly.


I have a feeling this is the one, Alex.

It’s a shame Alex Kim is so fiscally irresponsible, he makes some darn good yoyos.

Wait, recrev left?

No, they kind of dropped of the radar for a while. I can’t wait to see what Alex Kim will do with our money this time!

What yoyo has Anthony Rojas been using recently?

This one, lol. He uses a T’chotchkie.

Probably one of the best posts I’ve seen in a while.