What is every recrev ever made?

Something I’ve wanted to know for a long time what are all the yoyos Alex has made over the years (including B.I.O.). He makes so many so often it’s hard to keep track. What do you think he has in store for the future. Post a yoyo name and ,if you can, a picture. Ill start us off with the mangaroo, ta1s, ta1, tati, bad rep/ lite,carbon, octave 1,2,and3, delrin octave3, 33 1/3, Reverbs, freq wav and that’s all I know of I’m sure he has way more, so post away!

#9, titanium ta1, figure 4, oscilitrix. That’s all I can think of

Paper mache and electric daisy

Also the mangroo, and the I

Bad rep

bad rep was mentioned


sharp, sclb, sclb plus

Octave 1, octave 2, octave 3, facade, ego, malleus, oscillatrix, and more that I can’t remember right now

EGO and Gear

silly goose, sine//saw, facade (i know im totally resurrecting this post but i am VERY interested in knowing all the throws he’s produced)

also, if anyone has a titanium TA-1, could you please post some photos? i want to see what alex kims only titanium ever produced looks like.

could we maybe get @yoyodoc in here to bless us (me :joy:) with his knowledge?

Remember… google is your friend. :slight_smile: