What trick is this?

Since I’m focusing in 5A, How did Tyler do this?


2:00 - 2:06

The yo-yo is moving left to right. What is the name of the trick?

Hyper Pendulum


Sweet trick…

Check Augie’s at around :52 seconds

Hmm, weird. Rob Reeves (the guy who made it up), named it “chops”.
Not sure where the name hyper pendulum comes from. =)

I don’t see why augie didn’t get in the top 5 or even 3. I thought that was the best performance ever at word besides tyler’s and miggy’s.

I’ll ask Jayyo, Chops sounds cooler anyways…

I heard hyper pendulum was what some of the Japanese players called it.
So I called it that in my video.

Chops, Hyper Pendulum, Hyper Choppy Pendulum.

Call it what you like!