What to store my Kendamas in

I am new to Kendamas, I have a Sweets with the cushion clear finish on the Tama and a Terra Pill with a similar finish.

I have a soft shell eyeglass case That the Pill fits in. It is a snug fit. Will the material of the case effect the finish?

I would like to puy the Kendama with the cushion clear finis in a foam lined zipper case, with this effect the finish on the Kendama?


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I wouldn’t do any of that tbh. I just keep mine in a bucket. Kendama’s are supposed to get destroyed so you should destroy every dama


If you play them, they are going to get dinged and eventually chipped.

The Terra Pills that I have shipped in a cardboard retail display box. The Sweets kendamas in a plastic retail display box. KUSA in a similar box. But I wouldn’t take that level of care as a signal that these things need protection.

Many comparable brands ship their kendamas in a lightweight fabric bag. Inside the bag, the kendama itself is often wrapped in bubble wrap, but that is just so that the buyer gets it in good condition. Sometimes the only packaging outside the fabric bag is a padded envelope. Sometimes the envelope isn’t even padded.

Also, the specialty finishes like Cushion Clear might be different, but all my tamas and pills play better once the painted finish gets dinged up a bit.

It’s not that I want to keep them looking new, just a way to transport multiple pieces at one time, just wanted to make sure it won’t ruin them

I just keep one in a sling bag. Currently carrying a natty KUSA nova so I don’t worry about the paint but I have carried premium paints in there with no issue.

The thing about premium in house paints is that they are hopefully a bit more durable than regular sticky or silk. I don’t find that to be the case with cushion clear though tbh. It chips, bubbles, and peels pretty easily with regular play

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That’s a fair concern.

I can only speak about the Terra Pill from personal experience, but I would not be concerned. At most, I might wrap it in a cloth to keep it from being gouged by something like keys that were in the same bag.

I don’t have any cushion clears.

My current kendama storage situation lol


I guess I have nothing to worry about


My main kendama storage tip is ALWAYS wrap your string. Especially if you store them like me. If you don’t you’ll end up with a big tangled mess.

Thanks, I will

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