What to post at yoyomuseum.com

What do you want to see? Got boxes and boxes of stuff. Thought I’d ask what kind of stuff to prioritize when adding to the museum. Remember I stopped collecting big time in 2008. Companies like CLYW and One Drop started around then. So I have very little unresponsive stuff and especially unresponsive metal. I didn’t like it, so didn’t buy it. :slight_smile: So if you want more of that, you’ll have to post it.

I’ll check back in a few days …

David Hall


thank you david!!!

I would like to see more unresponsive metals, alot of design changes in the last 10 years. There isn’t much Yoyorecreation up on the site, and they are a big part of the modern history I feel. Maybe @yoyobrothers can continue to contribute on that front. Also with the modern responsive OA offerings, CoreCo, TMBR, Rain City, and DocPop, these are throws you would probably enjoy, Alleycats, eHs, Gamers, and The Weekender you would probably enjoy playing.

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Honestly the yoyo museum covers all of the stuff that the yoyowiki doesn’t have and vise versa. The only thing to be added would be like customs (mo mods, atomic cow stuff, skon, Vader, higby things, things that were either modded or super limited runs)


Man, I miss AC!
I once (in the early 2000’s) broke my favorite yo-yo…and Atomic cow ended up sending me a package of a bunch of new throws including a couple he hand painted. What a super cool guy.

Sorry for being off topic. His name just brought back good memories.

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Since I didn’t get many responses, I decided to just add the stuff that I like …

Check out yoyomuseum.com, and it might help right now to play the song Tutti Fruiti by Little Richard today (1/16/2020). Also, the museum has a curator program. Anything you want to add, we can set up an account and you can add to the archive.

David Hall
Master Curator, The Museum of Yo-Yo History


I would love to see yoyo museum start posting on instagram again. Would be a good way to share all the new museum additions with a broader audience.

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THIS, 100%. Would be a great way to get more newer players knowing about the museum and for some of the old dogs to take trips down memory lane.

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i’m going have to get on the instant grams

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The “Instant Gram” thing, and the other social media stuff was done by Grahame Wright, Chimera. He wrote the museum site (which includes all kind of behind the scenes things, like built in inventory system). I hate to tell you this, but he is no longer supporting the Museum. He has told us he no longer has any time due to work and severe family issues. In fact, if the software ever fails and simply goes down, I’m pretty sure it will not be back. I don’t have the expertise to do anything about it.

Funny story … about 4 years back, I saw a picture of a little bird at the bottom of the museum and emailed him to ask what it was. He said it meant “Twitter”. I had no idea. I do have a facebook account (The Facebook) , but log onto it about every 2 or 3 years. And I consider that too often.

And Sorry, but I have no interest in learning social media or more computer crap. I hate computers. I’m very anti-technology and especially computers. The less I do on them, the better. Posting pictures and text as far as I am willing to go. And sometimes posting here. When I retire I’m moving to Bayfield Colorado, which is 40 years back in time.