What should I do with my E=mc2?

(JET) #1

So I have 60$ to spend and I can maybe up the budget like 20$
What should I do to this yoyo…

Should I get it strait up anodized?

Should I get a pyromatte finish then anodized?

Should I get it bead blasted?

Or should I get it polished?

Pictures of it ATM:

(JET) #2

Im just looking for opinions cause I’m stuck on deciding what I want…


You should get it polished and then get a clear powdercoat put on top. yoyospirit does some great ones.

(JET) #4

Have you had that done before?


Does Jason Wong do custom anodizing anymore? I would like to see what he can do with 7075. I also have a raw Attune that would be a candidate for some treatment.


You could see if you could get it powdercoated from one of the guys that does it here.


Hardcoat type 3 although I’m not sure how well it takes to 7075

(Alex Fairhurst) #8

Is that raw aluminum or clear ano? You could polish it yourself if it’s just clear coat ano. I think YYR looks great with a sick mirror polish.

Congrats, man. The E=Mc^2 is an amazing yoyo. I miss mine.

(JET) #9

what you see in the pic is my best try at polishing…

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

It’s probably clear ano then. A mirror polish is exactly what it sounds like. Here’s a pic of an old Sleipnir I had yoyospirit do. Man I wish I still had this thing.


(JET) #11

that does look really nice but I also really like the look of obsidian markmonts, how do you get them to have a mirror polish but have a black tint to it?


Unfortunately not, otherwise I’d be throwing money at him like it was going out of fashion. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not clear ano, that’s pretty obviously raw. Whatever you do please don’t cover that beauty in powdercoat.

(Yo^2) #14

First, get it unstuck from the tree. Then do what you did to your sleipner, then sell it to me.


obsidian markmonts are nickel plated and then I believe tarnished artificially with ketchup

(JET) #16

Anyone know what a black anodization looks like on a mirror polish?


You can have your own opinions, but don’t pressure your views on others. And btw, don’t have a heart attack, but I already powder coated an E=MC^2 for someone :wink: Anyway, I haven’t really heard of an anodize that looks like an obsidian Markmont Next, ask England about that, he’ll know much more than me. The process for that color was the Markmont Next was first nickel plated, then went through another process that caused it to quickly tarnish, turning it black. There is, however, a powder coat that I find to be pretty close, called Solar Rain or Black Chrome or something, ask mullicabob about this, I never found it attractive so I never bought the powder. And black anodize over a polish would just look like a shiny black.


Black Pyramatte if you can. Maybe mirror polish the area right under the rim for a silver touch.


If you want a really cool dark color, get it nickle plated and let it sit in diet coke for 32 hours. Markmont did that to some of his nickle throws and it gave them a rich obsidian look.