What’s you favorite YoYoFactory pro throw?

(????????? ??????) #1
  • Shutter
  • Shutter Wide Angle
  • Shu-Ta
  • Edge
  • Edge Beyond
  • Ko’olau Edge
  • Monster Edge
  • Horizon
  • Horizon Ultra
  • Loop 2020

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Some other pro yoyofactory throws are the ND Ultra, ND, Boost(for 3a players), Singularity, and the marco.


Yeah this poll is missing a bunch of stuff…

(Kevin/Vihaan) #4

Don’t forget the Paolista, cezch pivot/point, space series, confusion series, Alta, turntable, and other stuff


Edge and Space Crown main

(????????? ??????) #6

My definition of “pro yoyo” is a yoyo that has a signature player for that yoyo, and that player has to be sponsored.


The ND and ND ultra are the signature yoyos of Nate Dailey. The boost is Alex hattori signature. The singularity is Izuru Hasumi signature. And the marco is Polo Garbkamol signature. Paolo bueno has the alta and paolista. All of them are sponsored by YYF

(Priyanka) #8

ND Ultra is definitely my fav. Shutter Wide Angle is good too!

(????????? ??????) #9

I love how the Shu-Ta still has no votes