What now?

So, I finished the yoyoexpert tutorials about a year and a half ago and am kind of having a trick block. For some reason getting a new trick always broke me out of that block. Where is a good place to find advanced trick tutorials that are well filmed and have good directions? Hopefully you guys can help.

Try rethinkyoyo.com.
Also check out the “cabin tutorials” on youtube.

Jensen kimmit has made a bunch of slow mo tutorials for his tricks called ghetto tutorials

^these and check out Raytsh and Zammy’s stuff (old and new) if you have not already. Maybe try to learn some of the stuff from 365 Yoyo Tricks.

Ghetto tutorials are awesome! Especially banana turnover :wink: “now throw a banana turnover” :smiley:

Rethinkyoyo, lots of ricks on highspeedyoyo.com too, u could also make ur own tricks but some people arent too creative like me ::slight_smile:

Best part of the video:P