What muscle do you use when you throw a yoyo?

What muscle do you use when you throw a yoyo?

Tricep, bicep and finger musles. That would be my guess

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finger muscles, wrist, triceps, lats

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all of them

Close. Bicep no. Think about this. Have you ever thrown for so long that a certain muscle starts to hurt? Yeah I’m talking about the muscles in your shoulder.Deltoid, Trapezius, Ifraspinatis and the tricep.

For sure triceps.
Not sure about biceps because that’s more of an upward curling motion (unless you do some crazy tricks).

Also shoulder muscles too because in my experience that is what gets sore first after a lot of yo-yoing.
(maybe the wrist too if you do 2A?)

although we might never get a certain answer, i think some of the answers we did get were awesome. the tales of guys who have wore the muscle out and thats how they make an educated guess. I just wanted to say i think this topic is interesting. neat question :slight_smile:

its not the most tiring workout or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

My bicep hurts after many throws, yet I know that biceps are not used actively on a throw since it is extending versus contracting on a throw. Mostly the triceps, forearms, lats, delts, and the teres muscles are active in a throw. Perhaps the bicep does allow a little contraction for the whipping action we use.

I love quoting myself.

I would think a good hard snap is created by the bicep pulling up after the tricep throws down. That means that there’s a higher probability of tearing the bicep, resulting in pain. (And I know that feeling too)

Tearing a bicep from throwing a yoyo? haha I don’t think so.

The BRAIN!! Nah, thats an organ…

Lol, this topic lade me laugh ;D ok, now my guess would be that big muscle that we call out arm :smiley:

I’m going to say the yoyoing system.

The awsome yoyoing muscle.
Doesn’t have a name so I’m thinking the yocep ;D ;D

the spirit is not a muscle.

(only kidding… except not really)

duh the yoyoing system lol