What makes a yoyo trick a good one?


I’ve been wondering what makes a good yoyo trick? ???

How are these tricks considered ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Especially when it comes down to the judging them. ???

I’ve seen some tricks that are basically just ‘random’ hops or slacks - resulted in a very complicated trick - that ended up in a GT, or trapeze or double-or-nothing. It just seems accidental sometimes. ::slight_smile:

I’m just curious what you guys think. Which aspects do you think makes a yoyo trick better than the others?

Or to make it more fundamental - what is the sole purpose of a yoyo trick? If there’s no purpose then there’s no value in any of them right?

I hope this can be a good discussion.
Thanks guys




Do you like it when you see it? It’s good.


I have a hard time telling one trick from another nowadays - it all looks like random hops and slacks, except for very different styles like horizontal.

For me personally I like a good repeating trick, and interesting binds are cool too.




I personally love chopsticks but I know people that hate that. It is just like a yoyo.


Depends on what you like. There is no set standard for a good trick.


From my understanding all “good tricks” are done with CLYW yoyos.

That was a joke.

In all reality there are to ends to this question. For fellow throwers the knowing a trick is difficult. For non throwers looking flashy wins hearts. Both require the trick be smooth to get best results. Much like a magicians trick.

(Zammy Ickler ) #9

A “good” trick/combo has to have a certain amount of character, indepthness, flash, appeal and structure.

Tricks are usually in the range of few steps with the main element expressed strongly. Think of the trick “Boingy Boingy”. We have the split bottom mount which then goes into the “hop” or “boingy” effect on the string. The main concept is shown clearly.

Combos on the other hand are a bit difficult to judge on if its “good” or not. One can judge a combo from a artistic point of view and a competition point of view. Back in the day of responsive yoyos, combos didn’t last as long, from 10-20-30 seconds. Now with unresponsive yoyos combos can last near a minute or longer!

From an artistic view, you need to see how it represents itself, how it “feelts”. Good use of elements within the combo is always a plus. Is it graceful or raw? Yoyoing is subjective due to the creativity so someone may like something but someone else definitely will not. Does the combo have good structure? Does it flow well? is movement continuous, no jerkyness. Is there “depth” for it where there is layers of technical execution? Is it innovative or original? See these little things all matter.

From a competition point of view, people would look at it like above but also make mention about “does it score points?” Is the combo using space effectively to get max amount of points for space use? do you have enough speed to make it look good? Such examples like this would be it for a trick or combo.

Yoyoing is art, a sport and a hobby all rolled in one. In my best opinion, there is no definitive “good tricks” because when I watch people yoyo I like it all. What I said above is only just cutting the surface, there is a lot to it to determine if a trick or combo is “Good”.

Just my two pennies,


^well said


Good point. HAHAHAHA

Now I see why some great players never win any competition.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’d love to hear more ;D

(rizkiyoist) #12

Difficulty: Harder and more risky tricks will score well simply because of it’s difficulty.
Appeal/aesthetic: This is rather subjective but most people tend to agree, like “this food tastes good”.
Originality/rarity: Coming up with something new… like, it’s harder to come up with a completely new skill toy rather than just make yet another yoyo.

As for your question “what is the sole purpose of a yoyo trick?”, well to be honest that question is a little too “philosophical”… because yoyos are rather recreational stuff (these are toys) we play because well, we enjoy doing it. But to answer that question, for me the purpose of doing/making yoyo tricks are either to make me feel accomplished, to showcase and entertain other people, and/or to win competitions.

“If there’s no purpose then there’s no value in any of them right?”
this… I’m confused… the question is wrong… I think.
I mean, does the purpose even matter? does it have to have purpose to have value?

We do it because we enjoy doing it, that is that, period.