What is your opinion on String Theory?


String Theory is a company that not many people talk about. What do you think about them?
I personally think that they are a great yet underrated company.

(2Sick Joey) #2

Only played a Bandit and i liked it but overall its a dying company in my eyes. Their releases don’t really sell well or even hold trade/sale value. Gary Li is the best thing to ever happen to the company and IMO he deserves to be on a more well known team so he can get the publicity and perks he deserves.


There is plenty of under-rated companies out there and let me tell 'ya, this is one of 'em. Great throws especially the new ones.


They make awesome yoyos. The Bandit isn’t my favorite, but the Remnant and Remnant II are awesome! I’ve always wanted a singularity. They others may not hold aesthetic appeal, but are definitely performers!