What is your favorite type of yo yo???

:Dmy favorite yo yo is the dark magic

We have this awesome feature. In every post you make, you get some profile information to the left. And the most wicked thing of it all, is that everyone can see what your favorite yoyo is. And a lot of people also post their yoyo in their introduction post. I’m not sure if this thread is needed, but I don’t feel like making a really big deal out of it. So:

My favorite is the M1.

Pheenix is right. Oh well.

My favourite is meteor, as seen on the left.

<<<<<<<<< :smiley:

This is about as close to exact the thing I was talking about. We are goin to get a thousand posts saying:“Look to the left” or “<-------”

DNA pre production version or m1

mine is the red fast 201, the thing is beast

I’m gonna guess you dont have any better yoyos.

Duncan Butterfly :wink:

Lyn Fury

Favorite type of yo-yo?

I like butterfly-shaped yo-yos with working bearings and a response system.

I like spinning yoyos.

Good point.

1A - DM - 888 - DNA - M1 - Speeder - Meteor
2A - Raider - Sunset NXG’s
3A - Just 2 pairs of 1A yoyo’s i have said - Zigma Blade Zwei ↑↑↑
4A - Aquarius, Free Agent
5A - FHZ ← the aluminum, plastic, magnesium and the limited editions.

Dang, Matt, you have many good yoyos :slight_smile:

The Bully It can take just about any thing you throw at it.

im still quite new to yoyoing and i only have a legacy at the moment but i love it.
my friend has got a DM which is also awesome.

I plan on getting a GM soon though. not sure how it will compare to my legacy?? we will find out though

A DM! ;D

YYJ Speedmaker with 10Ball Bearing and Thickest Merc Shims ;D